Big Bad Boat Bashes

Where can you bounce to the hottest tunes, drink up, and dance the night away while surrounded by nature’s majesty? On a boat!  Boat parties are a summer staple and the most radical shindigs on the planet! There are plenty or oceanic raves to choose from, be we at PAW have done a little research and have come up with Top 5 Boat Parties you don’t want to miss!     1.)  Pukka Up, Ibiza.  It’s been said that every Ibiza vacation should include at least one boat party and no company does it better that Pukka Up!  They consistently bring the best DJ’s, the hottest crowds, and   leave you with lasting memories (most of which you shouldn’t repeat later!)  Check out the Pukka Up 2013 promo video here!     2.) Yacht Week, Hvar, Croatia.  Yacht Week, a sailing event that tours the Mediterranean, ends with a grand finale in Hvar! Hvar is where all the gorgeous Europeans flock for an escape.  It’s a sexy spot to visit at any time of year, but you don’t want to miss Yacht Week!  Gleaming waters, supermodels, and total luxury.  You probably won’t be able to bring your own boat if you’re part of the 99%, but you can rent a boat with a crew while you’re there so you don’t miss out on any of the fun! 3.)  Groove Cruise, L.A. or Miami to Mexico.  Groove Cruise is a put on by Whet Travel – which already sounds sexy!  They run two 4-day cruises: one that leaves from Los Angeles and parties all the way to Ensenada, and another that jams from Miami to Cozumel.  Their whole mission is to make sure you escape normalcy and have the adventure of a lifetime- so get ready to let loose!     4.) Kandy Kruise, L.A. to Mexico. Kandy Kruise fuses the Miami club scene with cruise ship leisure.   Pools, lounges, casinos, etc, you name it, they’ve got it and you have access to it! Party programming on the boat is designed to give you the ultimate fantasy weekend experience.  So needless to say, on a Kandy Kruise, all of your wildest dreams will come true!     5.)  Chicago Scene Boat Party, Chicago.  You wouldn’t expect one of the world’s greatest boat parties to take place in the Mid-West, but Chicago gets down!  The Chicago Scene Boat Party rates as one of the top best boat parties in the country.  It’s a one day event where over 700 boats, yachts, rafts and jet skies gather for an incredible afternoon of bumbin tunes and libations.  The best part is the event is...

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