Howling fun at the Full Moon in Koh Phangan

Top 5 Reasons to Howl at the Full Moon on Koh Phangan Legend has it that it began as a New Year’s Eve send off for some travelling Aussies in the 1980s and word quickly spread that these islanders knew how to party. Others claim that a group of hippies hopped up on the local party favorers figured out that an all-nighter was the best way to experience this end of the island. Whichever story you prefer, the Full Moon Party on Had Rin beach, located in the southeastern point of Koh Phangan, Thailand is today’s premier party spot in Southeast Asia – and shows no signs of slowing down. So, whether you’ve been dreaming of hitting this infamous party for years or are new to the idea, here are our top five favorite reasons to make the trek over to land of rice and sunshine. And come on; did you really need more than one?   1.)Location, location, location Sure, you may have partied on the sand before, but unless you’re from Thailand, we promise your view didn’t come close to this. Set on the sunrise-facing southeastern point of the island, nestled in one of the worlds premiere archipelagos, long before the first bucket was poured Koh Phangan was already famous for her soft white sands and stunning views. As an added bonus, when the beaches on this island fill up, it’s just a quick boat ride over to one of her deserted neighbors’ shores; ensuring that you’re never short of a spot of sand to call your own..   2) Loose morals and even looser bikini straps Let’s be honest, no self-respecting tropical trip is complete without a wild hookup story to share with all your friends upon your return home. And friends? This island will not disappoint. Word of mouth may have turned this monthly beach bash into the 10,000+ person party it is today, but we have it on good authority that it’s the endless flock of beautiful people that keep many attendees coming back for more..    3)Music Mecca  As it’s name implies, the party pops each month on the full moon; giving party goers a full twelve opportunities a year to make their travel dreams come true. Twelve nights a year sounds pretty good to those of us with tight schedules, but it also sounds pretty good for the musically inclined. What started as a sandy stage for a lone guitarist close to 30 years ago has blossomed into an emerging DJ’s dream come true. Like music? Think 15 sound systems blasting anything from Electronic, Trance, and Goa to Reggae and Dub. That’s what we...

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Running FROM the Bulls, a Survival Kit

Road to Pamplona: How to Survive the Running of the Bulls There are few things we can do that are more foolish than attempting to keep up with a wild animal. Bulls are large, beastly animals that are as notorious for their viciousness as they are for their magnificent beauty. And yet, in spite of the danger, there are also few things as thrilling as the annual Pamplona Bull Run in Spain. Known to the locals as the Fiesta de San Fermin, the running of the bulls is actually a nine-day event, comprised of eight consecutive bovine runs, countless parties, and more celebratory sangria than you could possibly tire of. Each year from the 6th to 14th of July, the tiny cobblestoned streets of Pamplona are blocked off from the corral in Calle Santo Domingo to the bullring at the city center. Starting on the 7th, the 8am dual rockets will be fired, signaling the start of the 825-meter run of your life. The run typically lasts no more than five minutes, but with more than 1,000 pounds of sheer muscle coming at you, it can feel much longer. Of course, the real prize is the celebrations that mark the festival after each run. To be sure you make it that far, we have a few suggestions for how to handle it as safely as possible. 1.) Athleticism – The actual run may be less than 5 minutes, but it’s still something best left to those that at least kind of know what they’re doing. Running on cobblestone streets with hundreds of people and live animals charging behind you is not a joke. It may not be a marathon, but it’s still a run you should probably train at least a little for. If you’re not a professional runner, that’s ok, but it’s important to wear the right shoes, get a good night’s sleep, and make sure you’re not hungover for the big day. Remember, you’re going to have plenty of time to party after you run; there’s no reason to sacrifice your safety.   2) Crowd Control – With all jokes about bulls aside, your real worry should actually be the amount of people that show up for this thing. Keeping this in mind, it’s typically not a good idea to try to run on the first day of the festival. The first day is usually the most popular, meaning you (as a tourist) are more likely to get yanked out by the police and least likely to make it through an entire run without being pushed to the ground by the countless other inexperienced runners. A much better...

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