Top 5 Surf Spots

In this video by DOSE, Kelia Moniz and Monyca Byrne-Wikey, Roxy surfer girls, tell us their favorite places to surf.  Kelia and Monyca both started surfing as kids and the time they were 14 they were kicking ass in professional competitions!  Needless to say, they know the water!  So what’s on their list of Top 5 Surf Spots? Let’s take a look.   1.) First up is Waikiki.  Waikiki was Kelia’s first wave.   Beginner surfers can paddle out to a fun, easy break called Canoes.  Intermediate surfers can try Queens.  More experienced wave rides would have the best time at Populars.    2.) Next up is Hamoa Beach on Maui.  Monyca grew up surfing Hamoa’s barrels as a young surfer girl.  While Hamoa is a sick break, it’s also mighty powerful and exposed to rips so it’s best for experienced surfers only!   3.)  Kelia and Monyca both love Cold Springs in the Mentawais Islands of Indonesia.  Cold Springs (also called Roxies) is total warm-water paradise! You have to take a boat to get out there, but it’s worth it!    4.) Lower Trestles, fourth on Kelia and Monyca’s list, is a great spot! You can go there to surf, barbecue, hang, surf again, and leave.  There are always a lot of people in the water at Trestles, but there are also plenty of waves to go around.  So don’t sweat the crowds!   5.) Last on their list is La Bamba, in Salina Cruz, Mexico.  La Bamba is a nice, easy break with rides that seem to last forever.  The beach is surrounded by craggy peaks and green carpeted mountains.  Long rides with epic visuals? Sold!   This globe is littered with tons of incredible surf spots.  But, from the girls who know, these breaks you don’t want to miss!  Want to see more? Here is a great collection of sizzzlin surf action. [Show...

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Contest: PAW Correspondant

Want to be part of our team.? Party Around The World is in search of PAW Correspondants to deliver us happening stories around the world. Send us a video or link of your work and you may be chosen to be part of the team or have your video featured on our site.   SUBMIT...

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Getting Dirty

SOUTH KOREA: Boryeong Mud Festival Looking for good clean fun?  Then look the other way.  The Boryeong Mud Festival in Daecheon Beach, South Korea tops our current What’s Hot list because it’s sexy, it’s dirty, and it’s totally wild.  Mud makes you sexy.  In 1998, Boryeong discovered that the mud on Daecheon Beach had high anti-oxidants and minerals that improve the quality of your skin.  They wanted to promote their clay around the world as a superior beauty product.  So, they decided to throw a crazy party where people discover that getting dirty makes you look good! Since its cosmetic beginnings, the Boryeong Mud Festival has become an international mudslinging rager.  It’s a week -long mud fight free-for-all , peppered with festival activities like mud wrestling, mud sliding, a Mud King and Queen contest,  a mud extreme training course, and even mud rodeo.  After a few days when you’ve had enough of the mud competitions, you can unwind with a peaceful mud massage given by Oriental Massage masters. Best of all, there are over a million visitors to the Boryeong Mud Festival each year and 90% of the festival attendees are tourists.  You’re sure to meet a ton of hot travelers from around the world who aren’t afraid to get a little messy.  Where else will you find loads of international babes slipping around in the mud?  We at PAW hope your mind works like ours does. The Boryeong Mud Festival is a week silt and sex that you will never forget!  ...

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Top 5 Wildest Party Cities

TOP 5 WILDEST PARTY CITIES (that you may not have thought of!) Sure, we all know Ibiza takes the gold as party capital of the world.  But a lot of sleeper cities exist out there that party hard and don’t get enough spotlight for their wild ways.  We scoured the globe, looking for the most awesome cities that are up all night, full of good-looking partiers, and bumpin’ killer tunes.  And we found them! So now here you have it: Top 5 Wildest Party Cities (that you may not have thought of!) 1.) Stockholm, Sweden.  Ever thought of this northern gem as a place to get rowdy?  Surprise, Stockholm parties hard!  Stockholm is a global hub for solid house and techno music and the clubs stay open until 4 or even 5am.   The long winter nights, and super long sun-filled summer nights have created a culture of committed partying.  Best spots to check out are Solidaritet and Olssons.   2.) Buenos Aires, Argentina.  In Buenos Aires, you can enjoy a deliciously satisfying meal at midnight, head out to the clubs at one in the morning, dance until seven and then hit the after-party all on a Wednesday night!  Yes, Buenos Aires knows how to party. Full of truly beautiful people and amazing food, Buenos Aires even has a taste for good rock and roll. Best Places are Bahrein and La Bomba de Tiempo.    3.) Berlin, Germany. Berlin has no open container laws.  That means you can roam the streets, pilsner in hand, as you hop from club to club.  Club lines can still be active at 9am on a Sunday! And they get creative with their parties too: leather, swimming pools, disco ceilings and floors! Berlin is truly up all night.  When you’re there, check out Berghaim and Watergate.   4.) Bangkok, Thailand. You won’t be impressed by the amount of beautiful people in Bangkok; it’s just not on the list of Supermodel vacation spots yet. But you will have the experience of a life time!  Backpackers get a lot of action out of Khao San Road area, while more sophisticated groups tend towards the downtown roof bars.  Check out the Sukhumvit Soi 11 neighborhood for dance clubs and Thlonglor and Ekamai for trendy pubs.   5.) Montreal, Canada. In the U.S., our neighbor to the north has been hiding something from us…sick ragers!  In Montreal, the people are hot and very friendly.  You can boogie all night to techno, international grooves, or just good ol’ rock and roll. In the summer time, Montreal is a destination of killer music festivals. Plus the legal drinking age is 18, so...

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Booby Prize: Motorboating for Money

Motorboating for Fun and Profit. Who would have thought that motorboating would be so beneficial?  But to who, you might ask? A group called  Simple Pickup, say it’s all in the name of charity and to help raise money for Breast Cancer. OK, but are these bosom buddies just taking advantage of a titilating experience? And are they really raising money or just getting a rise in their shorts? For those of you who are not abreast of the situation, motorboarding is the act of pushing one’s face between two ample breasts, and rocking one’s head side to side very rapidly while making a vigorous, lip-vibrating “brrr” sound. courtesy urban dictionary Members of Simple Pickup, M.O. is to pick up girls through outrageous challenges. Their acts have developed a following on Youtube of over 1 million subscribers. This challenge had them making boobs of themselves for a worthy cause. With each willing participant, they decided to donate $20 to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Boobed head idea or not, these hooter hounds have raised over $2,000 dollars (For those not good at math, that is 100 sets of boobs or 200 individual boobs “brrrred” at. They are now offering an additional $100. for each 1,000 video views. There video is now at over 4 million views and...

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Top 10 Nightclubs in the World

What makes a good club? Good music, Good Looking people, High energy, Good liquor,and a uniqueness that is all it’s own. Oh yea, and usually that means long lines to get in. Here is a list of the top 10 nightclubs in the world brought to you by inthemix.xom PAW believes any list that does not include the island of top clubs, Ibiza, is missing the boat. Can you say Space or Pacha? What are your favorite? #1 Warung Beach Club – Itajai, Brazil #2 ARMA17 – Moscow, Russia #3 Fabrik – Madrid, Spain #4 Sub Club – Glasgow, Scotland #5 Sirena Club – São Paulo, Brazil #6 Avalon – Los Angeles, USA #7 AgeHa – Tokyo, Japan #8 Papaya – Island of Pag, Croatia #9 Club der Visionaire – Berlin, Germany #10 Robert Johnson – Frankfurt, Germany Click here to view original web page and a full 25 club list at And here is an impressive list from DJ Mag who list the top...

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