Howling fun at the Full Moon in Koh Phangan

Top 5 Reasons to Howl at the Full Moon on Koh Phangan

Legend has it that it began as a New Year’s Eve send off for some travelling Aussies in the 1980s and word quickly spread that these islanders knew how to party. Others claim that a group of hippies hopped up on the local party favorers figured out that an all-nighter was the best way to experience this end of the island. Whichever story you prefer, the Full Moon Party on Had Rin beach, located in the southeastern point of Koh Phangan, Thailand is today’s premier party spot in Southeast Asia – and shows no signs of slowing down. So, whether you’ve been dreaming of hitting this infamous party for years or are new to the idea, here are our top five favorite reasons to make the trek over to land of rice and sunshine. And come on; did you really need more than one?


partycitiesstockholm1.)Location, location, location Sure, you may have partied on the sand before, but unless you’re from Thailand, we promise your view didn’t come close to this. Set on the sunrise-facing southeastern point of the island, nestled in one of the worlds premiere archipelagos, long before the first bucket was poured Koh Phangan was already famous for her soft white sands and stunning views. As an added bonus, when the beaches on this island fill up, it’s just a quick boat ride over to one of her deserted neighbors’ shores; ensuring that you’re never short of a spot of sand to call your own..


partycitiesargentina2) Loose morals and even looser bikini straps Let’s be honest, no self-respecting tropical trip is complete without a wild hookup story to share with all your friends upon your return home. And friends? This island will not disappoint. Word of mouth may have turned this monthly beach bash into the 10,000+ person party it is today, but we have it on good authority that it’s the endless flock of beautiful people that keep many attendees coming back for more.. 


partycitiesberlin3)Music Mecca  As it’s name implies, the party pops each month on the full moon; giving party goers a full twelve opportunities a year to make their travel dreams come true. Twelve nights a year sounds pretty good to those of us with tight schedules, but it also sounds pretty good for the musically inclined. What started as a sandy stage for a lone guitarist close to 30 years ago has blossomed into an emerging DJ’s dream come true. Like music? Think 15 sound systems blasting anything from Electronic, Trance, and Goa to Reggae and Dub. That’s what we call a full set..


partycitiesbangkok4) Did we mention the buckets yet?  If you like some liquid courage to liven up your dance moves, you’ve come to the right place. Had Rin has no shortage of spots to wet your whistle and because there are no closing times, you’re pretty unlikely to go thirsty. However, to get a real taste of the local charm, we recommend joining the rest of the island and sampling a local bucket. The going rate for one of these bad boys is about 4 bucks and consists of an entire bottle of liquor, a pretty serious helping of soda or juice, and an entire can of Red Bull – you won’t need more than one.


Montreal SkyLine at Night5) Simply put, bragging rights. Frankly speaking, there aren’t too many party spots left that draw the same kind of fame as the original Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan. Many other islands in the region have tried to draw in the same kind of vibe, but all have failed to capture the allure of the legend. Bring your glow in the dark paint, skimpiest outfit you’re prepared to destroy, pack your waterproof camera, and leave your dignity at home; this spot’s one for the ages. .



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Author: Brandy York

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