Want to get Away? No, really far away? Unique Travel Destinations.

So  you are on the lam, running from the law, and don’t want anyone find you, or just really want to get away from it all?We’ve got some far out destinations for ya. These are not the vacations your friends have taken nor are they for everyone, but if the usual tourist laden tour isn;t cutting it for you, these remote locations, often a chore to get to, will find you in really another world all together. You will experience a complete detachment to your life as you know it and more than likely come back with a new outlook on life. Here is our top 8 list on remote destinations for you to really get a break from the stress we constantly face on our everyday lives.       1 – Tibet – This is just like taking a step back. If you go to Tibet, you will certainly change your life and come back completely renewed. If you really visit the country with cleverness, you can visit temples and caves that date back hundreds of years, and learn from a culture that has more knowledge to share than what anyone would ever be able to handle on their own. There’s so much knowledge in Tibet, it’s almost unbelievable. Furthermore, the Himalayas are in the backdrop of the country, and there you can see the biggest mountain in the world – truly an amazing place to be at.  Find out more at   2 – Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland – That was hard to read, wasn’t it? Greenland might be big, but due to its remote location it doesn’t have a lot of people living in it. In the remote settlement of Ittoqqortoormiit there are only 500 inhabitants, which means people have a lot of space to do whatever they want to in there (respecting the law, that is). Visitors can do a lot of actives such as dog sledding and trophy hunting. Furthermore, just to get there you’ll need to take a plane, and then travel from the airport to Ittoqqortoormiit in a helicopter!Find out more at Greenland.comantartica       3 – Antarctica – If you really want to get away, this is the place to go. It’s at the bottom of planet Earth and if you don’t want to go there, you will want to! Besides being the South Pole, it is filled up with penguins and seals that’ll make the whole thing a lot cuter! There’s lot of things to do in Antarctica, but admiring the wildlife and the natural scenario will the things you do the most, simply because they will blow your mind. Getting there...

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