The Best Party Movies

If you can’t get out and party or you’re too worn out from the night before, sometimes the next best thing is kicking back on the sofa and watching the pros do it, at least in the eyes of Hollywood producers and writers. No doubt, many of  these  low brow,  but high brew movies, have left you rollin on the floor laughing and looking forward to that next road trip with your buds or BFF’s So what are some of your favorite all-time Party Movies? And what makes them rank? Here is the PAW checklist . You will find at least 10 of these in every movie. See if these words alone, don’t remind you of some of your favorite movies? Drinking, Drama, Stupid, Funny. Puke, Hot girls, Hunky guys,  Somebody’s naked ass, Penis reference, Boobs, Farts, Bongs, Weed, Bad Tattoos, Jocks, Nerds, Shots, Drugs, Music, Dance, Road Trip, Sex, Masturbation, Party, Dorm room, outrageous behavior. put together a list you can vote on.   The Best Party...

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Top Ten Party Colleges by ‘Playboy”

Spicoli Highlights, Fast Times at Ridgemont High    photo Playboy If partying is one of your majors and you’re looking for the right college to advance your extra curricular career, then Playboy has the list for you. According to USA Today Playboy editors rated the schools based on data from the National Center for Education Statistics, the NCAA, the U.S. Economic Census “as well as feedback from Playboy‘s more than 12 million social media fans,” the magazine said.                          A couple of Party School Idols   The top 10: 1. West Virginia University 2. University of Wisconsin 3. University of Colorado 4. University of Southern California 5. Florida State University 6. University of Texas 7. Louisiana State University 8. University of Georgia 9. Arizona State University 10. University of Maryland    ...

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