Top 5 Wildest Party Cities

TOP 5 WILDEST PARTY CITIES (that you may not have thought of!)

Sure, we all know Ibiza takes the gold as party capital of the world.  But a lot of sleeper cities exist out there that party hard and don’t get enough spotlight for their wild ways.  We scoured the globe, looking for the most awesome cities that are up all night, full of good-looking partiers, and bumpin’ killer tunes.  And we found them! So now here you have it: Top 5 Wildest Party Cities (that you may not have thought of!)

partycitiesstockholm1.) Stockholm, Sweden.  Ever thought of this northern gem as a place to get rowdy?  Surprise, Stockholm parties hard!  Stockholm is a global hub for solid house and techno music and the clubs stay open until 4 or even 5am.   The long winter nights, and super long sun-filled summer nights have created a culture of committed partying.  Best spots to check out are Solidaritet and Olssons.


partycitiesargentina2.) Buenos Aires, Argentina.  In Buenos Aires, you can enjoy a deliciously satisfying meal at midnight, head out to the clubs at one in the morning, dance until seven and then hit the after-party all on a Wednesday night!  Yes, Buenos Aires knows how to party. Full of truly beautiful people and amazing food, Buenos Aires even has a taste for good rock and roll. Best Places are Bahrein and La Bomba de Tiempo


partycitiesberlin3.) Berlin, Germany. Berlin has no open container laws.  That means you can roam the streets, pilsner in hand, as you hop from club to club.  Club lines can still be active at 9am on a Sunday! And they get creative with their parties too: leather, swimming pools, disco ceilings and floors! Berlin is truly up all night.  When you’re there, check out Berghaim and Watergate.


partycitiesbangkok4.) Bangkok, Thailand. You won’t be impressed by the amount of beautiful people in Bangkok; it’s just not on the list of Supermodel vacation spots yet. But you will have the experience of a life time!  Backpackers get a lot of action out of Khao San Road area, while more sophisticated groups tend towards the downtown roof bars.  Check out the Sukhumvit Soi 11 neighborhood for dance clubs and Thlonglor and Ekamai for trendy pubs.


Montreal SkyLine at Night5.) Montreal, Canada. In the U.S., our neighbor to the north has been hiding something from us…sick ragers!  In Montreal, the people are hot and very friendly.  You can boogie all night to techno, international grooves, or just good ol’ rock and roll. In the summer time, Montreal is a destination of killer music festivals. Plus the legal drinking age is 18, so if you can’t legally get your party on in the U.S., Montreal is the place to go! Start with Saint-Laurent and Crescent Streets.


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Author: Ali Tobia

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