WARNING! 10 Signs this Girl is CRAZY

   CrazyEyes Ok we all have seen or dated that crazy ass chick. Sometimes we don’t even know she is a CAC. Their Cybil-like personality lurking in the shadows waiting to pounce out, once they have you in their psychotic web.
 Remember Run Away Bride, “crazy eyes,” pictured to the left, who reportedly concocted she had been kip-napped and sparked a nationwide search, only to reveal she had made it all up. Well in her case, she actually did the dude a favor, leaving him at the altar and out of his life. That was best case scenario, worse case is more like Glen Close in Lethal Attraction. Sure, there are degrees of craziness. But really, there are degrees of murder too, and in the end it is still murder.


Now think  Natasha Henstridge in Species. OMG, with her insane hotness and sexy demeanor, how could you not get sucked in? Speaking of sucking, the sex is usually insane too. This is usually when they’ve got you right where they want you..
As a Guy, the little head takes control of the big head. All rational is lost, in the sake of gettin some.


 Guys don’t be fooled, RUN! The longer you wait, the more you risk losing. Slowly, your friends, your family, your home and your sanity could all vanish in a wink of an evil eye.

Here is the PAW Top Ten List, That Girl is Crazy:

If she has got any of these, please proceed with caution. You have been WARNED!

1. She a FF, fast forwarder. You go on one date, and she is making plans for the next and the rest of your life.
2. She has a constant rain cloud over her head. Bad things are always happening. Constant drama.
3. Jealous, OK almost every girl is jealous to an extent, guys too, but we are talking crazy jealous here. “Why did you talk to that waitress?” boyfriend replies,”um, I was ordering our food.”
4. Smack Talker. Always talkin shit about people, how they are messed up.
5. Social embarrassment. This can include bad drunk or controlling behavior. The day after is Damage control and apologies.
6. Her only friends are guys. It’s easy to understand why no girl likes her, cause nobody is puttin up with the bitch, unless they’re gettin some.
7. All about me.  Constant demands. Another sign of a very controlling, manipulative behavior.
8. Very insecure: Everybody in your life is intimidating and thus an additional reason for her to be jealous. Never measure up.
9. Hates her Father. Childhood issues are no doubt a big factor in how we develop. These girls are either pole dancin or dancin on your best friends pole.
10. She uses sex as a weapon. This is the tough one for guys, cause this is how she gets you in the first place. Her flirtatious, sexy, demeanor doesn’t stop after you are in her web. The CAC  continues her craft with others, just to let you know that it is easy for her to get other prey and she could just as easily be dancin on another pole.


For additional insight, and a good laugh check out the  Wing Girls. They will give you the Low down on the Ho down, with 10 signs “She Is Crazy”


Author: Greg Montemurro

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