Top 10 Spring Breaks

  Spring Break is still the favorite time of year for college and high school students across the country. Picking a place to go can sometimes be daunting—flights, hotels, friends, who can make it, are all decisions to think about at a time when the last thing you want to do is think more.  Naturally, everyone wants to go to the cool spot, to have that epic week that they can look back on, for the rest of their lives. Here at Party Around the World, we get that, so we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 places to go for spring break this year! While some awesome beach spots did make the list, Spring Break according to Business Insider has shifted over the last few years to include lower budget (less airfare) and closer trips. While not the typical bikini jaunts we are used to seeing, this top cities still offer sunny destinations, great nightlife and some awesome festivals that will still make for a fun trip 1. Las Vegas, Nevada —where a version of Spring Break lasts throughout the summer. Vegas’ reputation precedes her, so if you want a fun Spring Break location without leaving the country, head to Vegas, Baby! It’s 24/7. You’ve got non stop fun, day and night. While the sun is up, tan and rage at the pool parties and at night endless options of bars and clubs to stroll.  Knock out some of those hangovers with the endless, bottomless brunches and all you can eat buffets along with many other fine dining spots to choose from. For ladies the shopping is world class too. A girls’ got to look good on the dance floor. The casinos are almost an afterthought but if you’re feelin lucky, why not drop some coin down?  You may not only came back with some fine memories, but some winnings as well. 2. Panama City, Florida—Still one of the top Spring Break cities in the world, Panama City is full of wild parties and awesome fun. If you aren’t comfortable leaving the country for Spring Break, then Panama City should be a no brainer. Head down and join the sexy men and women for the parties, the beaches, the sunsets, and the beautiful flora and fauna. 3. New Orleans, Louisiana—New Orleans is famous for Mardi Gras, but that doesn’t mean you can’t check out the incredible city for Spring Break. In fact, we encourage partaking in the Cajun and Creole cuisine, shopping at great vintage shops, and partying your night away. New Orleans is one of America’s great cities, so keep her in mind when planning Spring Break. 4. Hawaii—America does have...

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